Body Language and Persuasion Certification: our complete program in Human Behavior.

Did you know that your body reveals your intentions at all times?

You cannot 'turn off' your body language; not even staying totally still.

(And if you freeze like a dummy, you'll look weird.)

This is because we are social beings that depended on cooperation to survive.

Therefore, we learned to read the emotions of others even in the most extreme cases; It was the way to communicate before we learned to speak.

So deep inside you still have that programming, and your feelings continue to emerge automatically without you even noticing.

You stoop when you feel decay and your face lights up when you see someone you like.

You cannot avoid expressing yourself with your body.

And that is sometimes a real problem.

It's hard to silence your body, but you can choose what you express to others.

Most likely, your communication style is different with your friends, with your colleagues, your boss or your clients.

On each occasion, you adapt the way you express yourself. Your vocabulary is different.

Exactly the same happens with body language; you can adapt your body expression to your circumstances.

But to do that, you must be aware of all the types of body vocabulary, and how they relate to your emotional states.

That way, you can express yourself in unison with your words and your gestures.

By the way, others also reveal a thousand things a day, without knowing it.

The same happens with others; Dozens of silent signals are sent your way, but you don't know how to decipher them.

Can you decipher what they try to hide from you?

Your intuition suggests something to you, but it is so fleeting that it does not give you time to even take it into account during the conversation.

You noticed that they wrinkled their faces. Would it be a reaction to what you said, or something they remembered? They also took a deep breath and looked the other way. Will they disagree with your proposal?

Why when they say 'yes', it seems that they do so reluctantly?

You feel that there is a meaning in their attitude, but you cannot understand those bodily patterns.

Imagine how much you are missing by not knowing how to interpret the body language of those around you.

Wouldn't it be better if you were able to understand body language?

Of course, that's why you have been interested in the subject; but after reviewing several books (and even a few of my articles), you feel it is too much stuff.

I don't blame you, because it *is* a lot of stuff.

Not only is the body itself, but the way people walk, sit, chat among themselves, scratch their nose, cross their arms, wrinkle their faces and lower or raise their voice.

Each one of those aspects is worthy of a thorough study.

And no matter how many books you read about it, it won't do anything without proper practice.

Just as you can't learn French overnight, the same goes for body language.

One caveat: with French, the language does not come 'preprogrammed' in your brain, so learning it requires effort and time.

But body language, is a skill that you already have thanks to millions of years of evolution.

You just have to activate it.

The most common problem is that you want to know in a short time the meaning of all postures, gestures, attitudes, tones of voice, distance between people, facial expressions...

That's just not possible.

As much as you try that way, you will not move forward; rather, you will get frustrated.

And that's not the worst of all...

There are many out there who know how to 'read' your body and voice, just by looking at you.

They may have learned it through study, or are the so-called 'naturals', who were born with that ability in full bloom.

The truth is that at least 1 in 10 people is able to know what you feel and what your intentions are, because your body reveals it without your permission.

You don't know how to avoid it, and they simply pick up your signals.

I felt that for too long; I ended up calling it 'Emotional Nudity'.

Do you know those dreams where you are totally exposed and you can't do anything about it?

Well, exactly so it is with your emotions.

I doubt you like that reality.

That information they get from your body language is used to persuade you... and sometimes manipulate you.

If you are lucky, those people who can 'read you' won't have bad intentions.

But how can you be sure about that?

In fact, it could have happened to you that someone convinces you of something you didn't want to do at first.

When you finally accept, you feel awful; as if you had no will over your own actions, or if people could influence you whenever they wanted.

How is it not going to be easy if they can detect your intentions, your insecurity and your attitude several meters away?

You understand now that as important as knowing how to read the body language of others, is knowing how to control yours.

It's as important as knowing how to speak.

Maybe even more, because if you don't want to reveal something with your words you simply shut up.

You don't have that luxury with your body.

So where to start with your body language studies?

Your knowledge of body language should 'wake up' from the general to specific.

That is why you need a method to learn body language step by step, at your own pace.

That was my main goal in developing 'Body Language in 40 Days'.

A study guide that not only shows you the theory gradually from the easiest to the most difficult, but also includes practical exercises to develop your knowledge day by day.

What does the certification include?

Everything you need to learn to control your own body language, and decipher that of others:

- Body Language: also called kinesics: from your posture to your walking, what you project when you are sitting and the gestures of your hands when speaking.

- Microexpressions: The expressions of emotions on your face that you reveal for a brief moment and reveal your intentions to others.

- Persuasion: There is no more useful ability than to convince others of what you want.

What is the most important thing you will get when you master nonverbal communication?

Tranquility and Freedom.

Body language is intimately linked to emotions.

So by studying how your body talks, at the same time you develop a greater understanding of your own emotions.

You increase your emotional intelligence.

By being more emotionally intelligent, you act with greater serenity in all situations that until today, could steal your inner peace.

Not only that; also knowing others' emotions helps you develop empathy towards them.

For example: if you discover the reason why someone feels anger, or outrage.

You realize that it's not personal. It is not an aggression towards you.

By acting with that empathy, the anger will subside.

They will feel they can trust you. That you have 'something' that they like.

They will tell you that you listen to them as nobody else does.

And when you establish that emotional connection...

Finally, you will create 'Rapport': a strong empathy and charisma that will allow you to persuade anyone.

Being able to convince others starts with them trusting you.

And that trust is only possible when there is a 'tune' between you two.

By being aware of your own emotions and body language, as well as those of others, you will be able to create that empathic channel whenever you want.

What is the first thing you will do when you have that influence on others?

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